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The following Motion lamps are available:

Motions Lamps are a piece of American History. They are a unique gift idea for parents, grandparents or anyone who is difficult to buy for. They are a beautiful and interesting addition to any room - what a conversation starter!

Featured Listings:


In addition to our featured listings, we have multiples motion lamps in many of these styles...please email uncleken@uncleken.com for detailed condition & prices

Econolite Motion Lamps:

Old Mill
Old Mill (Oval)
Forest Fire
Niagara Falls
Niagara Falls (Oval)
Fountain of Youth
General & John Bull
Old Auto
Christmas Tree

AB Leech Motion Lamps:

Forest Fire
Niagara Falls
Fountain of Youth

LA Goodman Motion Lamps:

Forest Fire
Niagara Falls

Scene - in - Action Motion Lamps:

Forest Fire
Niagara Falls

Miscellaneous Motion Lamps:

Lava Lamp
Illumy Beach Scene
Haddon Rocking Granny (Clock)
National Framed Niagara Falls
Ignition Company Niagara Falls
Bar is Open

Hearth Motion Lamps

Hearth Motion Lamps

Old Mill Oval motionlamps
Niagara Falls motionlamps



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